Inviting Innovation

With a hearty endorsement of the 2008 bond measure, the community voiced its support for making the whole school a wireless-learning site. Our upgraded infrastructure allows students and faculty to use personal computers or school laptops anywhere on campus.  Mobile technology carts with fifteen laptops reside in each classroom, and students can easily link to research resources both inside and outside the building, making our 33-acre campus a technology-supported learning lab.

Students begin building computer competence in kindergarten using learning games and simple research tasks. The goal is to develop the confidence and skill to use computers as a lifetime learning tool. By middle and high school, students’ use of technology is focused and sophisticated. 

Students also explore new technology in electives like digital photography, radio and filmmaking. Topics are often student-initiated, responding directly to their interests in emerging fields.

For information about the specific technological skills that our students learn, and to see how this learning is connected with the core curriculum subjects such as reading, writing, mathematics, and to review our technology policies and procedures, please follow these links: 

 State of Washington OSPI Educational Technology Standards

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Technology Standards for Students

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