Middle School Teachers

Inspiring a Love of Learning

Middle School Teaching Staff:  Larry Berg, Richard Carter, Anne Marie Fischer,  Lisa Geddes, Rebecca Harvey, Kathryn Kester, John Platter, Anthony Rovente, Amy Studzienko

All of our teachers have a gift for igniting enthusiasm, awakening wonder and motivating lifelong learning in middle schoolers. As a teaching team, they empower students to do their best by creating invigorating learning opportunities inside and outside the traditional classroom.

Unwavering Dedication to Kids

The staff's “unwavering dedication to kids” makes this program exceptional.  All teachers try to bring innovation and compassion to the classroom–creating a caring environment where students can mature and blossom.

Captivating Curriculum

Lopez Island school promotes a hands-on teaching style which kindles enthusiasm and helps lessons 'stick.'  Kids in the Farm-to-School garden class head outdoors twice a week every spring to grow food for the school cafeteria.  All middle schoolers participate in special trips where there are the possibilities for overnight sailing adventures, kayak trips, camp-outs and other activities structured to build students’ self-confidence, social skills and leadership abilities.

Joe Behnke
Grades 6-12
Kathy Booth
Special Services
Grades PK-12
Richard Carter
Grades 6-12
Nina Gartland
Special Services
Grades K-12
Lisa Geddes
Spanish, ELL
Grades K-12
Kathryn Kester
Secondary Mathematics
Grades 6-12
John Platter
Grades K-12
Amy Studzienko
Grades 6-12