Lopez Island School District Faculty / Staff

Grades K-12Jaimie Terada Art

Teaching Grades K-12 Art and Alternative Learning, Jaimie comes to Lopez from the Kobe Cultural Center and before that at the Sakai/Kasai public school, both in Japan. She previously worked at the Queen Anne Community School where she taught art and Japanese. A native speaker of Japanese and English, she also speaks Spanish, and has spent time in Japan, China, Thailand, Spain, Mexico, Italy, France, and Holland.


Jaimie will be on leave of absence for 2017-18.

Joe Behnke
Grades 6-12
Larry Berg
Physical Education
Grades K-12
Kathy Booth
Special Services
Grades PK-12
Jeanna Carter
School Counselor
Grades K-12
Richard Carter
Grades 6-12
Ann Marie Fischer
Grades K-12
Nina Gartland
Special Services
Grades K-12
Lisa Geddes
Spanish, ELL
Grades K-12
John Platter
Grades K-12
Anthony Rovente
Social Studies
Grades 6-12
Amy Studzienko
Grades 6-12
Richard Têtu
Grades 9-12