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Grades K-12Larry Berg Physical Education

Coach Berg loves working, teaching and coaching kids of all ages. He’s a storyteller at heart – and his lessons go beyond physical education. While he wants his students to enjoy and understand the importance of exercise on their health now and in the future, Coach Berg also teaches respect and kindness to one another, as well as teamwork and proper sportsmanship. “I enjoy when students can hardly wait to get to my class, and seeing them progress physically, mentally and socially throughout the year,” he says. He especially loves to see students shine when they push themselves to attain their goals.

Before coming to Lopez Island in 2003, Coach Berg taught 18 years at public and private schools in Tacoma and Puyallup. He has a bachelor’s degree in education from Western Washington University. When he’s not exercising or involved in sports, he enjoys landscaping, reading and volunteering as a Sunday School teacher.

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Coach Berg's Website

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