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Grades 9-12Richard Têtu French/English

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This site includes the weekly Assignments and Assessments Sheet, course materials, photos, tools, grammar handbooks, vocabulary sheet and their corresponding .mp3s, handwriting exercises, etc. I believe it will be worth your time.

Originally from Québec City, Canada, Richard Têtu arrived on Lopez Island in 1987 to teach French and English. A former ski and resort business manager, he realized he was happiest teaching, so he went back to college to get his master’s degree and teaching credentials. “I get paid to do the job I love: what could be better?” he asks.

Students in Richard's classes learn to question everything. “Politely, respectfully, but question everything and everybody,” he says. “Why” is the most important word his students can use, “not to be obnoxious, but so they understand.” For Richard, it is especially gratifying to see students light up and “get it,” whether they’re in the classroom or on a field trip. Seeing his students learn and understand the beauty of learning is an inspiration to him.

In all of his classes, he strives to treat every student with respect “for their intelligence, their interesting character and their differences.”  Outside of the classroom, he coaches golf, volunteers as a firefighter, and leads student travel trips to Québec City and France. He also likes to hike, motorcycle, kayak, garden, and read.

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