Elementary Teachers

Nurturing the Child    

Our elementary school teachers are a self-directed, independent group who believe that children learn best in an atmosphere of safety, tenderness and belonging.  Committed to helping our youngest students get a strong start, they create cozy, nurturing classrooms where children begin exploring the meaningful work that will be theirs throughout the school years. 
Our teachers all have excellent credentials, and continually seek professional development. As they define and refine the school’s multi-age homerooms and age-level subject groups, they explore ways to marry the state’s learning objectives to a program that engages, excites and involves youngsters.  
The elementary support staff is exceptionally strong, often sharing the joys and responsibilities of teaching the children.  People say that our elementary school is like a family. It is a description we love to hear!  
“Every child needs a hug a day. At this school, we deliver. It’s a place where warmth and caring are as important as test scores.”  —Bill Evans, Former Lopez Island School District Superintendent 
Alisa Ball
Grades PK-12
Kathy Booth
Special Services
Grades PK-12
Grace Dostert
Grades Kindergarten
Brian Goff
Literacy Grade 3-5
Grades 3-5 Literacy
Rebecca Hamilton
Grades 3-5
Nina Gartland
Special Services
Grades K-12
Rebecca Harvey
Grades K-12
Kendra Lewis
All Subjects
Grades Grade 2
John Platter
Grades K-12
Rachel Post
All Subjects
Grades 1
Kristen Ryan
Grades K12
Lorri Swanson
Grades 3-5