Middle School Grades 6-8

Creating a Climate for Success


Middle school is a time of change, challenge and opportunity for young people. Addressing this directly, we strive to create a culture of collaboration, inclusion and respect where students’ strengths are recognized and their contributions are valued.

Unlike most urban settings where middle and high school students attend separate schools, our students in grades 6-12 eat lunch together, walk halls together and even share some classes. In this environment, middle schoolers feel safe and valued, and high schoolers cultivate maturity by developing multi-age friendships. The collaboration strengthens the academic climate and bolsters students' interpersonal skills.

Middle Schoolers begin the year exploring the dynamics of leadership and power on an adventure in the San Juan Islands at Canoe Island, focusing on cooperative games, reflection activities, team building and conflict management. Students sleep in tepees and wall tents, cook outdoors, challenge themselves with a ropes course and take classes in fire building, poetry, Native American culture and more. Ending on a collaborative note, they do a service project for the camp.

Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom

Middle school academics are challenging and standards are high. Science and social studies are offered on grade level; math placement is by accomplishment; and literacy is taught in grades 6–8. Sports play an important role in middle school. Our “no cut” policy assures that all students make the team. We offer soccer, basketball, track and golf for both girls and boys.

Honoring the full spectrum of learning styles, we take students off campus often. While outings vary by year, recent trips to Western Washington University, the International Children's Festival in Seattle, the Seattle Art Museum and a homeless shelter in Mt. Vernon offered powerful insights. Students also went mountain snowshoeing.

Reinforcing school-wide themes of collaboration, understanding and support, our middle school ends the year with school trips.

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