High School Grades 9-12

A Passion for Learning

Lopez High students receive a high-quality education distinguished by small class size, robust academics, support for multiple learning styles and opportunities in athletics, art, music, drama and overseas travel that are rarely found in a public school.

Since 2003, we’ve had a 100% graduation rate. Our program is designed to enable all students to achieve their own level of success. Some of our students pursue vocational training after graduation and about 85% choose higher education. Colleges and universities love our students. In the past few years, seniors have been accepted at Brown, Scripps, Harvard, Vassar, Deep Springs, Fairhaven, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Reed, George Fox University, the military academies, Willamette, PLU, and the University of Washington. Our community regularly supports graduates with about $30,000 in annual scholarships. With a senior class averaging only about twenty students, that level of financial backing often makes a dramatic difference.

Academics, many taught on an inquiry-based learning model, include a focus on global education. In addition to offering a comprehensive roster of basics, students can choose AP coursework in English, Calculus and Environmental Science. A variety of eclectic electives encourages students to explore new fields or dig deeper into favorite topic areas. We invite you to read about our classes in Ancient World History, Botany, Aeronautical Science, Photography, Digital Movie Making, One-Act-Play Writing and Production, Culinary Arts and more.

Read our AP English students' reflections about life on Lopez Island.

Our rich extracurricular program helps students flex their creative muscles, explore new fields and expand their horizons. Over 80% of our secondary students take part in outside activities every year. Learn more about our overseas travel programs to France, Japan and Nicaragua; award-winning L.I.F.E. Garden Program; inclusive “you’re-on-the-team” athletics; cnd concerts with nationally known jazz and blues and other musical greats.

Alternative Education: Rediscovering Hope

Our Alternative Learning Program offers students who aren’t comfortable in the regular classroom a new route to success. With the supervision, coaching, support and encouragement of our teachers, at-risk students reengage in school, complete missed work, retrieve credits and set goals. Using learning packets, on-line computer coursework, tutors and small learning groups, students can “drop back in” and graduate with their high school degree.

A Culture of Success 

We are proud of our high school program and even more proud of our students. We delight in helping each student learn, mature and discover his or her own pattern of success.

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“There’s a lot more opportunity for kids to grow and discover who they are, and who they want to be, here. Our kids were in private school, however, we wanted to get them out of the big city, to experience something different. We wanted a safe, loving community. Lopez has been a wonderful choice for our whole family.”    —Lopez High School parent, 2009

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