Decatur K-8

The Little One-Room School

Decatur K-8 School, a classic one-room schoolhouse located on neighboring Decatur Island, is part of the Lopez Island School District. Accessible only by plane or private boat, it is one of a handful of specifically designated “Remote and Necessary” schools in Washington State. 

Our Decatur teacher, Joanne Colman Wester, who generally teaches one to five students per year, designs a custom education for each child.  Students have access to technology and the internet, and all content areas are taught based on state standards and student needs and interests.  Using the whole island as a natural classroom, the teacher takes students outdoors for botany, marine biology, anthropology and all manner of field studies. The local community is an equally rich resource. The school is the main gathering place on the island, and holiday programs and community events are always well attended by parents, neighbors and families, who are very proud of their little school.

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