Québec Trips

Usually during the year following a trip to France, members of the French Club board a train to Québec. Over 17 days, they combine a practical study of Canada with immersion in a city that is often more francophone than Paris itself.

Combining physical and cultural activities, students experience a variety of events: from dining in the Parlement next to the Premier Ministre to skiing on a World Cup downhill run, from skating under the stars at the Place Montcalm to visiting the only walled-city in North America, from touring the Biodome at the Olympic Village to indoor wall-climbing, this is a nonstop trip suitable for all. 

As usual, students are expected to apply their knowledge of francophone culture in daily settings; subway travel has a way of imbedding language skills more quickly than any textbook.

To finance trips with the French Club, students combine personal funds with grants from the Lopez Island Foreign Exchange and fundraising activities, such as selling quiches at the annual take-out event and working at formal functions in exchange for donations.

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