France Trips

As part of our unofficial "Two trips Every Three Years" schedule, we find ourselves in France regularly for a 17 days tour, usually visiting the Normandy beaches, the Canal du Midi, the Mont Saint-Michel, and Paris, among many sites. We combine cultural and physical activities with a homestay lasting five to six days. 

We travel to traditional and quirky settings while asking students to demonstrate their linguistic and cultural knowledge by requiring them to complete many daily task; these efforts allows the application of classroom knowledge to everyday life. Nothing builds language skills like shopping for lunch at the market!

In order to raise funds for those trips, students hire out as servers and service workers for formal public functions, as well as weddings. They also complete their annual Quiche Take-Out in January.

Over the years, many students have pursued careers directly related to the French language. Members of the French Club who choose to do so routinely challenge college-level courses at prestigious institutions. Most of all, they are changed by the traveling experiences.

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