Wellness Awareness

The Vita Parcours L.I.F.E. Trail provides users with an integral and unique resource for understanding and developing personal fitness in a natural environment.

Fitness buffs seeking an athletic workout find the 9 stations exhilarating, while walkers and joggers set their own pace, stopping to enjoy the sweeping farmland and mountain views from a hand-hewn bench. Varying levels of difficulty help develop strength, stamina and range-of-motion agility. Hefty chin-up bars, balance beams, step and slalom setups, workout benches and gymnastic rings adapt to all levels. Students are able to engage in vigorous physical activity to promote and develop their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, through personal achievement on an individual or group basis.

As designed by the Swiss, the one-mile path offers a route to wellness for any age and level of ability, from toddlers to senior citizens, and athletes to the mobility impaired. The trail is entirely wheelchair accessible and is open to the public year round, from sunset to sunrise.

The one-way trail will eventually have 15 sequential fitness stations, which can be started at any point and provide instructions to develop strength, stamina and agility at varying levels of difficulty. The first station is located south of the tennis courts, but those coming from the school will find themselves starting at station 7 in the woodlands. For more detailed features, see Trail Map.

About the Trail