About the Trail

The Vita Parcours is an innovative 1-mile fitness and ecology trail on the 33-acre Lopez School campus offering beauty, exercise and health for the whole community. Aptly named the Lopez Island Fitness and Ecology Trail or L.I.F.E. Trail, this new community resource expands on the success of the original Zurich, Switzerland model known as Vita Parcours (Life Trail) by adding the wonders of a rare natural setting paired with stewardship of this exquisite ecological habitat.

On the Lopez Island Fitness and Ecology (L.I.F.E.) Trail, you are encouraged to create a program in harmony with your personal fitness goals. A resource for all ages and levels of ability, the Vita Parcours offers 9 exercise stations with a fitness approach that is individual and self-designed, either competitive or non-competitive.

Reflecting the commitment of the Lopez School District to promote the health of the community, the L.I.F.E. Trail was built by the Heller Family Foundation as a community resource that supports the physical fitness goals of the school's wellness policy, with the goal of contributing to the personal, community and environmental health of the island.