Elementary School K-5

Educating the Whole Child

We understand that children mature academically, socially, emotionally and physically at different times, in different ways. Trusting in each child’s unique trajectory, we help them experience success at every grade level. Our students learn math, science, reading, literacy and writing in grade level groups and take classes in music, art, wellness, physical education and garden with their age peers. With an average of only 14 - 15 students per class, they receive personal attention that naturally leads to caring relationships with their teachers, classmates and classroom volunteers.

Learning Models

Grades 3 through 5 are following the expert subject matter model, with Brian Goff teaching all Literacy Classes, Rebecca Hamilton covering all the Math classes and Lorri Swanson teaching all the Social Studies and Science classes. The students rotate in 75 minute blocks 4 days a week. Teachers in Kindergarten Grace Dostert Grade 1, Rachel Post, and Grade 2, Kendra Lewis, teach self-contained classes. Revised report cards based on the Common Core Standards and Parent Conferences occur twice a year to help record and evaluate a student’s progress.

We offer a complete spectrum of elementary services, including Title I, ELL, LAP, Special Education and Primary Intervention.  Our full-time counselor teaches weekly wellness classes, often beginning relationships that students come to rely on throughout their K-12 years.

LEEP (Lopez Elementary Engineering Project)

Lopez Elementary students are learning and experimenting with engineering principles.

Lively, Lasting Lessons in the Garden

Our L.I.F.E. garden is recognized as one of the premier teaching gardens in the country. Beginning in kindergarten, our certified garden teacher takes students outdoors weekly to sow, cultivate and harvest their own organic produce. Back in the classroom, students learn math, science, reading and literacy using fun, hands-on lessons based on Antonia Demas’s award-winning Food Is Elementary curriculum. The L.I.F.E. garden is affecting lasting change in our children’s eating choices. Once interested in fast-food and processed meals, they now choose fresh fruits and veggies regularly harvested from their gardens and served in the school lunch line.

Discovery Days and Enrichment

We offer a wealth of enrichment opportunities. In addition to weekly classes in art, music, wellness, physical education and computer, students participate in Discovery Days and take regular field trips to such places as Seattle’s Children’s Theater, Boeing’s Museum of Flight, the Washington State Historical Museum and the state capitol.

Helping children develop age-appropriate skills in cooperation, respect and team building is also a key focus. Playtime, physical education and recess are venues to explore these issues and teachers use circle time to teach social skills such as fairness, decision making and compassion.


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“There is a lot of goodness here. People on this campus genuinely care about and love children.”           
            —Roland MacNichol, principal 2004 - 2009 and 2010-2011