College Websites


College websites are the best way to get up-to-the-minute information that may not be available in any other form. Institutions are finding novel ways to use their websites. For example, at the Columbia University website an applicant can even look up the status of his or her application and determine whether the file is complete. If an item is missing (a letter of recommendation, the high school transcript, for example), it is noted. Some colleges have an application on their website for students who wish to download a printed copy for submission. Many colleges and universities now use e-mail to communicate with students to assist them in the application process.

Many students now have e-mail and can use it to contact college admissions offices with questions. If you are on Internet at home and want to examine the potential, here are a few useful URLs to explore:

  • The best place to start for topics related to the college search is the Lopez School Counseling Center Conference Room.
  • Favorite sites for information on standardized testing, choosing a college, and funding your education are The College Board at, and ACT at www.
  • Some students like to use Consult- A- Counselor on the Princeton Review website  at http://Colleges and Majors | The Princeton Review
  • College that Change Lives, Inc. (CTCL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and support of a student-centered college search process. The foundation was started as a result of a book of the same name, Colleges That Change Lives researched and written by former New York Times education editor Loren Pope.
  • Some students feel that they are not ready to begin college, and want to explore their passions by taking a GAP YEAR.
  • If you're interested in taking a virtual tour, here are a few home pages of alumni schools:

University of Washington

Western Washington University

Eastern Washington University

Evergreen State College

Willamette University

Whitman College

George Fox University

Brown University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

San Francisco University

University of Oregon

University of Colorado

Vassar College


Boston University