ThTTELEPHONE NUMBERS (360 area code)

Lopez School         468-2201 / 468-2202 / 468-2219
Elementary Fax      468-2235
District Fax            468 2212
Decatur School      375-6004
Decatur Fax           375-6005



  Name                                       Position

Dixie Budke  
Del Guenther Vice Chair
John Helding Chair
Chris Greacen  
Carol Steckler  


Position Name Ph. Ext
Superintendent Auckland, Brian 2250
Principal K-5 Auckland, Brian 2250
Principal 6-12, Curriculum Director Sather, Dave 2251
School Psychologist Timothy Kopet, PHD 2126
Special Services Coordinator Booth, Kathy 2128
HR Manager Koplan, Renee  2303
Athletic Director Steinbrueck, Marina 2211


Position Name Ph. Ext
Counselor Carter, Jeanna 2214


Position Name Ph. Ext
Nurse Sapp, Cindy 2110
Health Clerk Burt, LeAnne 2110

TEACHERS (Lopez School) 

Position Name Ph. Ext
Art K-12 Harvey, Rebecca 2223
Culinary Studzienko, Amy 2216
Elementary, Grade 1 Post, Rachel 2103
Elementary, Grade 2 Lewis, Kendra 2101
Elementary, Literacy 3-5 Goff, Brian 2102
Elementary, SS/Sci 3-5 Swanson, Lorri 2107
Elementary Music Platter, John 2132
Garden (Elem) Nicol, Ali  
Elementary, Math 3-5 Hamilton, Rebecca 2105
Kindergarten Dostert, Grace 2104
Secondary Math Kester, Kathryn 2206
Middle School Literacy/ Drama/AP English Carter, Richard 2208
Parent Partner/ALE Fischer, Anne Marie 2112
Secondary Math/Music/ Tech Platter, John 2219
Occupational Therapy Fisher, Kristina 2230
Physical Education Berg, Larry 2222
Secondary Eng/French/CWPS Tetu, Richard 2204
Secondary English/Journalism/MS Garden Studzienko, Amy 2212
Secondary Science Behnke, Joe 2217
Secondary Social Studies  Lubin, Jed  
Secondary Social Studies Nicol, Ali 2209
Secondary Health/Physics/Elem Tinker/Woodshop Ryan, Kristen 2207
Spanish/ELL Geddes, Lisa 2225
Special Services, K-12 Booth, Kathy 2128
Special Services, K-12 Gartland, Nina 2134
Speech and Lang Pathology Ball, Alisa 2229

TEACHERS (Decatur School) 

Position Name Ph. Ext
Decatur School Wester, Joanne Colman 375-6004


Position Name Ph. Ext
Bus Driver Ferrugiaro, Kenny  
Bus Driver/Paraprofessional McCullough, Della  
Bus Driver, Head Linneman, Teri 2120
Cafeteria, Cook, Co-Head O'Donnell, Shannon 2188
Cafeteria, Cook, Co-Head Fowler, Jody 2188
Custodian, Head Elings, Susan 2160
Custodian, Elementary Reser, Patty  
Custodian, Decatur School    
Farm to School Program   2106
Librarian Steinbrueck, Deirdre 2117
Maintenance, Asst. Burt, Jim 2122
Maintenance, Head Jardine, Denny 2121
Office, Accounts Payable Jardine, Laurie 2301
Office, Executive Assistant,Para-Pro Norvelle, Jennifer 2302
Office, Elementary Manager Smith, Ali 2400
Office, Secondary Manager Berg, Ronda 2200
Bus Driver/Health Clerk Burt, LeAnne  
Para-Pro Coffey, Mary  
Para-Pro Ignelzi, Noreene  
Para-Pro Lubin, Jed  
Para-Pro Pulver, Pam  
Para-Pro Ratza, Kerry  
Para-Pro Thomas, Joan  
Para-Pro Harlan, Cheryl 2205
Para-Pro Savage, Susan 2136
Para-Pro Tetu, Debbie 2205
Para-Pro/School Gardener Yukluk, Valerie 2136
School Gardener Berry, Suzanne 2137
Tech Support Hammond, Jesse 2209
Washington Reading Corps Ray, Joel  


Position Name Ph. Ext
Family Support Specialist/Mentor Coordinator Alaya Battalia 468-4117
PIP Facilitator Paul Lewis 2125